My New Year’s Resolution in One Word

Time hasn’t changed much regarding New Year’s resolutions. They are as old as the Babylonians. Yes, really they are! Back then the most common resolution was to get out of debt. Others were to return borrowed items or to do something that would win favors with the gods. Starting a new year and wanting to improve ourselves seems as old as time. Yet so many resolutions go by the wayside before January 31st comes along.

I have always been one to make resolutions, yet like many of you, I rarely keep it going. By the next New Year’s Eve, I can’t even remember what my resolution was from 365 days ago. Luckily for Time Hop, I was reminded of my resolution from two years ago: Enjoy life while I can, try something new every month, laugh every day and keep family and friends close at heart. I posted this as a repeat resolution for 2015 early on New Year’s Day. Soon after that though, I read a friend’s Facebook post about choosing a one word for the year to live by. It should be a word that may have many different meanings throughout the year, but being one word, one should be able to remember it. Then, of course, I Googled it. Lo and behold an entire website devoted to one word –, and another one, There are also a few blogs writing about it. The concept makes sense. How can you forget one word? Could focusing on one word make a difference?

I am not convinced I will do any better with one word, but I am going to give it a try for 2015. But now how do I pick One Word? Looking at my resolution from two years ago, which are still things I want to reinforce in my life, I find the words present and engaged coming to mind. Present, because I want to be present, meaning fully engaged with each day and enjoying it. I want to be engaged in whatever I am doing; not planning for whatever is next. Trying something new every month isn’t easy if you are not engaged to make the time and do it. Laugh every day comes from being present in the moment and listening for the joy that surrounds us every day in some way; and what better way to keep friends and family close to heart then to be present when they are near and truly engaged with their presence.

So which word will be my word of 2015? I have chosen engaged. I can be present, yet choose to not engage. This wouldn’t come close to what I’m trying accomplish. I can engage in practicing more patience. I can engage fully in my Yoga class. I can engage in meetings at work rather than multi tasking and checking my phone every few minutes. There are so many ways I can engage myself this next year and I believe that is the whole purpose of choosing only word. It creates a habit, rather than a resolution that goes away after a few weeks or months. This habit then will hopefully stay with me on my journey rather than something I have to resolve to again and again.

So as I engage in my blog writing, I am going to commit to writing about what I named this blog: Friends, Family and Feelings on turning Fifty. Most of my recent blogs have been about feelings, but not necessarily on turning fifty. So how does this writing on my One Word fit into my blog? I want my New Year’s resolution to last more than a month or two. I want it to help make me a better person. I don’t want it to be something to try and accomplish in one year. I want my New Year’s resolution to contribute to a better, lasting me. At fifty, you learn that simple ideas can create wonderful things. So a simple word will become my 2015 mantra to living a better life at fifty than at forty or thirty or twenty. My desire to live a happy life, be a better person and positively contribute to the world has evolved as I have aged. Growing older brings wisdom to live a better a life, and purpose knowing that life is not forever.

So, I wish those of you reading this, and all beings, a Happy New Year! I truly hope you come closer to the person you want to be and that you are leaving a legacy of better world. May your dreams become reality, or perhaps may your reality be your dream.


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