“Hate and bigotry wrapped in religious freedom is still hate and bigotry.”

So Indiana passed its version of the religious freedom restoration act.  I have yet to find a simple definition of what exactly the new law allows and does not allow.  With that said I may not have a full understanding, but that also tells me our government should be more transparent and have a summary posted for all to read.  Yes I know there is the exact bill, but even those of us highly educated need lawyers to decipher legal mumbo jumbo so the exact bill is useless unless I hire a personal attorney when I want a complete understanding of a law or bill.  

Any way that was not my point.  This law, from what I can find in the media is to protect an individual’s religious freedom.  I am all for allowing all individuals to worship OR NOT worship a higher being as they see fit.  I thought that was clear in our constitution.  So why do we need these new religious freedom restoration acts?  And yet at the same time we condemn and want to outlaw Sharia law?  Isn’t that hypocritical?
Here is how I see it.  Worship if you choose.  Christians, Jews,  Muslims have religious laws that those of another religion don’t agree with.  I get not wanting Sharia laws in our states and federal government, but I also don’t want Christian laws, or Jewish laws.  A business, is a business.  It is not a person – sorry Mitt.  A business should never follow any type of religious law, but only laws that can be applied to all individuals regardless of their religious beliefs.  So what then is the purpose of this religious freedom restoration act?  I don’t see any problems of individuals worshipping as they choose in Indiana.  But now if they are sued, they can cite their religious beliefs as a defense.  So doesn’t that apply to individuals following sharia law?  I doubt that is what Indiana legislators had in mind, but isn’t that what they are doing?  You can’t just create a law to protect Christian religious beliefs – yet I think that is all they really want to protect.  
I respect everyone’s right to worship as they please.  But religion does not belong in business.  It does not give anyone the right to not follow the laws of society as a whole.  It does not give you the right to disrespect or treat me differently because I don’t follow you religious laws, whether they are Christian, Jewish or Muslim.  If you own a business take religion out of it.  I am sure your God will forgive you for having healthcare that provides birth control or abortions.  I am sure your God will forgive you for providing dinner or flowers at a wedding between two females.  My God will be rejoicing that you are finally living by his teachings – which is to stop judging, stop thinking your beliefs are better than mine, stop condemning others for thinking and believing different than you.  
A quote in my friends Facebook post says it all:   “Hate and bigotry wrapped in religious freedom is still hate and bigotry. “. I don’t know where the quote is from, but it says it all.  
This fifty year old straight woman believes that religion can be a good thing.  When it is a personal choice and it is respectful of others and is left out of government, schools and business.  Keep your faith in your house of worship and in your home.  I think we need a law for us non religious folks – the freedom of no religion reformation act!  If I owned a business could I decide not to serve you for believing gay people do not have the rite to marry?  I’m sure that is not protected by this law as it is not a religious belief – just a personal belief.  Now isn’t that unfair… 



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