Focus – the Future is ALWAYS out there

I know.  It’s been about 4 months since I took thumbs to phone and posted to this blog.  I could come up with dozens of excuses: vacationing in Guatemala, Mom visiting, teaching, depressed; just a few of the excuses.  But let’s face it, when you really want to do something you do it!  So I guess I just really didn’t want to focus on this blog. Not sure why, but I just couldn’t find a voice. I couldn’t find my focus.  Today I am dusting off my life lense and putting my future in focus.  

I turn 51 in just a few weeks.  Being 50 has definitely changed my outlook.  I no longer think of changing jobs, but instead of changing careers. I know longer feel guilty for missing a meeting or two, people can get along without me.  I stand my ground much more when it comes to my values.  I spend hours thinking of ways to help improve life for my mom and kids.  But mostly, I have realized there is no reason to stop planning a future.  It is always out there. Whether you are a toddler, teenager, recent college grad, a divorced single parent, or a retired senior, tomorrow is another day and that my friends is every reason to keep the future in focus.  The second we stop is the second we cease to truly live.  

My future is going to have me working at many things I have only daydreamed about.  Instead of dreaming, I am going back to planning.  Figuring out what makes the most sense for me.  I am not a huge risk taker, so I will need time to focus in on what I not only want to do, but can do successfully within my frame of mind.  What am I good at?  What is my passion? 

I am doing what I do – studying others advice and trying to put it all together to create my own story.  Today I am reading “Day Job to Dream Job.”  I’ve been reading it for months and it’s only a little over 200 pages.  As I said, I haven’t had much focus these last few months.  But today I am changing lenses resetting and putting my future in focus.  If that holds true, you can bet my thumbs will be typing on this blog again soon! 


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