Always Learning, Always Changing

Last week actually flew by.  I find it a little crazy how some weeks can drag and others move so quick I feel like I didn’t accomplish as much.  But last week not only flew by, I accomplished many things I had been putting off.

I finished Day Job to Dream Job, finally.  Although it didn’t really give me any definite course of action, it made me think.  

I posted in MyWeeklyMenu Facebook page.  Simple posts, thus I am not sharing them, but it’s a start.  I also gave my tech designer and husband concrete ideas on how I want the site to work.  That’s more accomplished on this dream since it was my entrepreneur project during my study abroad course 2 years ago!

I walked.  I have been going to Physical Therapy now for about 5 months.  I’m undecided if it’s helped, but I am able to walk. I walked my 2.5 mile route both Thursday and Sunday.  This week I want to hit 3 times.  Focused on completing a half marathon before the end of the year.

I engaged with my staff.  I love my staff.  But lately I haven’t taken the time to listen and coach them.  Last week I kept to our touchbases and actually brought some topics to the table.  It feels good to make others a priority.  

I blogged.  I cleaned out the mudroom.  I helped build a deck.  I organized our closet.  I researched what to do with old vinyl records. I made time to talk to my daughter who was having a hard time.  I took my husband to lunch for Father’s Day because he’s been an awesome Dad to my two kids.  I took a nap while watching Sunday news shows.  I went to yoga – 3 times.  I went to a baseball game to spend time with my sorority sisters.  Wow!  I did accomplish a lot!  

So at 50, or almost 51 at this point, I’m still doing.  I’m still living.  I’m still finding out who I am. That’s what I am coming to find; no matter the age, as humans we are still exploring, always learning and always changing.  Just because I have hit a certain age, doesn’t mean I have stopped evolving.  That I have stopped growing.  In many ways I still feel like that scared school girl, unsure of so many things.  But that school girl was always headstrong and focused on achieving things: a spelling bee, a part in a play, a dance solo, a high grade.  I’m still that over achiever, but with a half century of experience in life, I now only set out to achieve what matters to me.  What makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside.  So today I am going to keep this flow of energy and accomplishments of the last week moving!  Maybe next week I will have changed the world!  One can dream!


2 thoughts on “Always Learning, Always Changing

  1. Beautiful words Kathi and what a lovely life you are dreaming for yourself. I am always learning too. Some of the things I learn I’m not sure that I want to know but they appear anyway. If we all had love then everything else would be unnecessary. Hope the next 50 years are the greatest for you.

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